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Proof – if further proof is needed – that business comes down to timing can be found in the success of the latest Bond film, Skyfall. True, it is not on general release until Friday, but we are still confident in predicting that it will be a success. The word of mouth is excellent and what must surely be the most intensive product tie-in campaign in history is providing a lot of the heavy lifting in marketing the film. It

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We now have many means of customer interaction; from phone calls to social media inquiries and customers are raising their expectations of for more direct, intelligent interaction and easier, customized communication.

With new gadgets, applications and services being created all the time, customers continue to expect more out of every business and service they spend their money on.

Many companies are working hard to keep up with these trends, and those that are not will quickly fall behind. The good news is that there are several solutions and ideas that can help you keep up with these trends for improving customer experience.

Use new technologies to keep track of and analyze company data. In order to know what processes need to be changed, companies must establish a deeper knowledge about their history, including how they interact with customers.

This requires companies to record detailed preferences of every interaction including habits, complaints and problems.

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State Law Matters

Most states are completely inclusive in required participation, meaning that a company with a single worker is required to carry workmans compensation insurance on that individual. This total also includes the owner. Normally, this expense is not optional. Reviewing state regulations concerning employee insurance should be a significant part of any business feasibility study, even though many self-employed individuals do not establish themselves as a private contracting company. A worker is considered an employee by virtue of the compensation insurance coverage. Temporary staffing companies are a prime example of this condition, as they are required to carry the compensation insurance for each person employed that they contract.

Which Injuries are Covered

It is important for the owner to understand that coverage is only extended to those who are injured on the job.

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The credit card was one of the most popular inventions of the twentieth century. There are at least 600 million of them in circulation in the United States, according to industry statistics. The other type of electronic payment, the debit card, is not far behind with 397 million cards. Taken together, there are nearly one billion credit and debit cards in the wallets and purses of American consumers. And they are using them! Tracking the spending habits of the American shopper is a full-time profession for some statisticians.

What can they tell us?

First and most importantly, electronic payments have replaced cash as the most popular payment method. In fact, a significant portion of shoppers don’t even carry paper money. According to some studies, that number may be as high as one in eight. W

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I love the tagline on this graphic: Does your resume get hit on all the time? Like it or not, hiring gets done by human beings. The secret to making a great resume is making yourself attractive standing out from the crowd. When applying for a job, you quite literally need to pull out all the tricks.

Appeal to every positive human emotion. Use the right keywords. Be brief and succinct. Show relevant experience. Be confident. Dont come off as a narcissist. Attention to details goes a long way. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Stick with whats relevant, dont stray from the main point.

If you didnt look at the graphic closely, go back and read it again. There are some brilliantly funny parts.

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HMV stands for “his master’s voice”, to which a small dog listens as it emanates magically from a gramophone. The famous image was originally a powerful statement of the wonders of modern technology. Now HMV itself looks as dated as the gramophone.

Last week saw HMV going into administration, recently joined by fellow High Street giants Jessops and Blockbuster. Is this a crisis in British retailing or a long overdue restructuring?

One of the great strengths of the free market, as opposed to state control, is that the markets reward those who provide what people need or want, or think they need or want. The other side of this coin is that those who do not provide are forced out of business. Bankruptcies are therefore not always undesirable. They are the means by which resources are reallocated from failure to success. The p

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Managers should be able to execute these steps well, and owners should know where to apply this process in their business. Sometimes in-house allocation results in greater profits, but outsourcing is still an excellent way to allocate funds.

Outsourcing promotes efficiency, allowing all to do what they do best. It enables greater flexibility to react in today’s rapidly changing markets. This kind of allocation can also add stability to your business. Here are four general ways to allocate funds through outsourcing.

This is the most widely used method to allocate funds between businesses, and it is the umbrella under which the following allocation methods fall. It allows funds to be assigned across a number of different managers.

Manager-to-manager communication, as it relates to outsourcing, promotes optimum efficiency between businesses, and managers can easily share ideas about how they should use the funds. G

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