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Business gift baskets are an ideal way to say “thank you”. There are gift baskets designed for every possible taste, from fruit and cheese collections, through coffee and chocolate gift baskets. So why not let those who have supported your business know how much you appreciate them? This selection of business and corporate gift baskets will make your clients and/or employees think of you fondly long after the basket is empty. Here are my choices for business gift baskets that will impress both clients and/or staff.

When the French government needed someone to invest in the failing Goodyear tyre plant in Amiens, Maurice Taylor, Chief Executive of the Titan Corporation, seemed an obvious person to approach. His refusal took the form of a letter lacerating French business practices which, probably as intended, caused outrage in France – mainly because most of what it said was true and everyone knows it.

He criticised French trade unions and working hours. Even when the workers were actually in work, he said, they only worked an average of three hours per working day. The rest of the time they were either talking or having lunch.

He said that French workers were quite open about this and told him, “That’s the French way!”

Now it is tempting for the – patriotically British – authors of the blog to leave it at that, and let the national stereotype hang in the air. However, ho

Full Post… reported, “90% of consumers find custom content useful, and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.”

Quality content on your website, blog, and social profiles not only increases your page rankings, but also effectively attracts and engages potential clients and customers.

Before you dive head-first into content production, you need to create a content plan that will determine what you write, who you write it for, and how you promote it.

Who do you want to read your blog or visit your social media pages? The answer is not, “Everyone!” You want the majority of your traffic to come from those people who are most likely to purchase your product or services: your target audience.

You should already have an idea of who your business’s target audience is from previous marketing campaigns. However,

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Vicarious Liability

Businesses are inherently liable for the actions of their employees. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, which translates literally to “let the master answer,” victims may recover from injuries sustained as a result of an employee’s tortious act even if the employer was not negligent. The underlying theory is that the master was in the best position to prevent the servant’s negligent conduct. Additionally, driver wages are often low and most drivers will not have the adequate means to compensate victims of their negligent acts. In such cases, the business or its insurance company will bear the burden of the loss.

This doctrine only applies if the employees acted within the course and scope of their employment at the time of their tortious acts. If the employees acted outside the course and scope of their employment at the time of the incident, the employer will not be liable. Employe

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Today on Forbes there is an article about which CEOs have the most online social media impact. Its an interesting question. Some CEOs take a more proactive face of the company approach to their job. Other CEOs try to stay out of the limelight. Which approach is best for business?

Based on a quick look at the top 40 CEOs its pretty clear to me that some of these CEOs have failed pretty miserably. Kevin Rose of Digg fame for example. The reason Rose has social impact is because of his days at Digg. But he did not ever navigate that ship into profitability and ended up running it into an iceberg. Its also arguable that since getting involved in social media, even Oprahs business success has been going downhill.

It would be a worthwhile study to see whether social media success is a predictor of good CEO skills.

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First of all, even if you owe more taxes than you can pay by the income tax filing deadline, you should still file your income tax return on time to avoid late-filing penalties. (See the Income Tax FAQ “What happens if I don’t file my income tax on time?”.)

Once the CRA has processed your income tax return, they’ll send you a Notice of Assessment. If the Notice of Assessment shows an income tax balance owing that you can’t pay immediately, you should contact a tax services office, which will help you set up a mutually acceptable payment schedule.

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Proof – if further proof is needed – that business comes down to timing can be found in the success of the latest Bond film, Skyfall. True, it is not on general release until Friday, but we are still confident in predicting that it will be a success. The word of mouth is excellent and what must surely be the most intensive product tie-in campaign in history is providing a lot of the heavy lifting in marketing the film. It

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We now have many means of customer interaction; from phone calls to social media inquiries and customers are raising their expectations of for more direct, intelligent interaction and easier, customized communication.

With new gadgets, applications and services being created all the time, customers continue to expect more out of every business and service they spend their money on.

Many companies are working hard to keep up with these trends, and those that are not will quickly fall behind. The good news is that there are several solutions and ideas that can help you keep up with these trends for improving customer experience.

Use new technologies to keep track of and analyze company data. In order to know what processes need to be changed, companies must establish a deeper knowledge about their history, including how they interact with customers.

This requires companies to record detailed preferences of every interaction including habits, complaints and problems.

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