Cedar Finance: is it a scam?

Not long ago, I was recommended a site called CedarFinance.com which is a brokerage company to invest in digital, also known as binary, options. Actually, I didn’t know how to make money using such firms, so I decided to learn more about this opportunity. For those of you who do not know, because most people do not, binary options (all-or-nothing options) is a term describing a high risky nature of this type of trading. How does it work? In case, you can guess the strike price, you get money. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. When I realized that Cedar Finance Binary Options tend to offer high return, I decided to give it a try. And I wasn’t disappointed!

This website has many great features such as a user-friendly platform and a low investment cost. As usual, it was several hundred dollars, often a couple of thousand, to be able to negotiate options, what was the main obstacle for me. With Cedar Finance Binary Options, I am able to invest a small amount, for example only $ 300 or $ 550. I won a few thousand dollars and it was quite easy to withdraw my earnings. I have never worked with a brokerage company online before, but I must admit that I like this setup.

In addition to easy and fast registration, an interactive user interface is yet another unique feature of this online brokerage company. The platform is quite simple, which makes it easy even for novices to trade in binary options. All the tools and features are available on the home page itself, with regular updates on the market. The site has a lot of useful information and they have a real customer service in case some problems occur. After my pleasant and smooth experience, I realized that cedarfinance.com is a legitimate company. If you have some money to invest, take a look at them, because I will do it again.

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14 Comments to “Cedar Finance: is it a scam?”

  • lie this is a scam,I have tried seve
    ral times.

  • Jack, if you say it is a scam, why have you tried it multiple times?

    Do you care to divulge in what way they have scammed you?
    Just losing your money isn’t a scam; it just means you were a poor investor with no strategy or risk management

  • Hi i am Singaporean and currently in national service. I only have 2 days free per week. I have $200 savings for investing. Am i able to trade? Thank you.

  • THIS IS A SCAM because it it GAMBLING!!

    You don’t need a strategy for this….long term investment needs a strategy. How can you have a strategy to guess if the closing day price will be higher or lower? How can you have a strategy to guess if the price will be higher or lower within 60 seconds?

    I have tried it, and realized that this needs no skills or knowledge for trading, because it is GAMBLING!!! you are just gambling here.
    don’t do it!!!
    Or at least read all the terms and conditions before you decide to put your money in here.
    I want to give some examples based on my own experience

    EXAMPLE 1: the minimum amount for deposit is 200 of any currency, if after a while of trading you lost money, and you have in your account only 80, they won’t let you take your money out, because the minimum amount for withdrawal is 200 as well.

    terms and conditions:
    “The minimum withdrawal is 200 of the currency that you were using (one of the 3 available currencies EUR, GBP or USD)”

    They say that they will give you a bonus after you make a deposit. They will call you after they see you have started trading, and will tell you that you haven’t received your bonus yet and they will deposit it in your account.

    Sounds nice right??? well not really…..Once that happens, you are trapped, what do I mean by this? see below the terms and conditions

    terms and conditions:
    “If you claim the bonus, you accept the bonus policy.

    In order to withdraw any existing funds at your account (deposit and bonus), you are required to make a turnover of minimum trading volume of 40 times for every bonus + deposit. Money can only be withdrawn when the preceding stipulation has been fully met and fulfilled”.

    So if you have deposited 200 USD, they’ll give you 60USD (even if you haven’t claimed it). That means that if you want to withdraw your money (even of it is only the original 200), you cannot do it, because according to the rules you are obliged to turnover 40 times the amount!!! how much is that?? =10400 USD. Since this is just gambling, it is not very likely you will ever get that amount before you can get your money out.

    So please people be aware!!!! this IS A SCAM!!!! you will be trapped as I am…..I have given up and accepted I have lost a more that 1000USD with this company….don’t do the same!

  • Hey will, i use cedar aswell id really like to know your strategy to making profit with the website

  • Jason, yes you are Abel to invest $200. If you really want to play safe, and earn extra money. You could use their one touch system. You have to make minimum deposit of 200 and after that you can use it from that deposit. I

  • last week i deposit $200 and i was loosing everything almost but now i am getting profits and they have a good customer service. I think it is a legit site.

  • I tried this scam and it is, it is gambling. no not loose you money because you will never make any money. it is a scam

  • im thinking about investing i have read their terms and conditions. legally they cant force you to take any bonuses.

  • All that you say is true: it is a legit site + it is gamblig + it is a scam.
    If you like betting and gambling, enjoy it, is a good site.
    Just read carefully all that Liz said before you are sure to begin.

  • Yes this is a scam,
    I’ve win $6000 and it’s impossible to withdraw my profit.
    Support is silent, nobody answer…

  • Read the complete review about cedar finance before saying that they are a scam

    give it a chance, it might change your mind.

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  • Cedar Finance has quite a system!! First you see a person saying if you follow his system you can’t loose. WRONG !! I put in a few hundred to test it and a representative called me and said that if I put in cash that the would mach it. Dumb ol me put in a thousand and they matched it.
    He said nothing about the terms or that I should check them. I traded for awhile and it seemed that the system cleverly foiled me at every turn as someone said above. I decided to cut my losses and get my money back ($723) and low and behold if you were fool enough to accept the “free” money you could not get any back until you traded $40,000, what a system !!!
    So I will accept my loss and try to warn others.

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