A business plan template: the best way to start a business

A business plan template: the best way to start a business

An inevitable truth that every businessman faces when trying to find a successful marketing strategy for small business is that starting a business is a hard work. If you try to find ways to get your business, without doing anything, well, you should forget about your pipe dream. Your first step is using a business plan template. A business plan template ...

How to set your goals with an effective business plan

How to set your goals with an effective business plan

When entrepreneurs try to implement their unique ideas, most of them eventually fail. There are a number of reasons for the failure of small businesses, but poor planning is probably the most frequent. Would you cook a delicacy with no idea what ingredients you need? Starting a business without proper planning is like cooking without a recipe. A good business ...

A guide on choosing an online business opportunity

A guide on choosing an online business opportunity

With the emerging trend of online business, more and more entrepreneurs continue to seek profitable business opportunities. Choosing a suitable business opportunity online, however, can be a time-consuming task because a lot of new online businessmen often fall prey to online scammers. These swindlers promise huge income figures, and often produce false or outdated data. The key to making the ...

Why is liability insurance essential for your business?

Why is liability insurance essential for your business?

When you're an entrepreneur, you will need to get liability insurance to protect your business assets and personal assets, in the case of a trial. Of course, all companies like to hope they are never sued by a customer or employee, but the risks are higher, the more successful you become. There is the added responsibility that can occur when ...

If you are a London resident looking for flats for sale Central London is a great place to begin your search. As with any central area in an attractive city, you should expect to pay a premium for your new property. If you are a seller in an attractive market, you can expect that your property will sell for a large sum. When so much money is at stake, you should feel comfortable that your estate agent is professional, competent and successful. Read on to discover what traits your estate agent should always possess.

Estate Agent London

Internet savvy

In the 21st century, it is imperative that your estate agent is able to successfully list properties on major websites. Full Post…

Brand activation has become a key element in today’s business. In order to survive the cutthroat competition and volatile economy, an entrepreneur and marketer have to employ winning strategies such as getting an events agency to help market your brand. This has become even more crucial taking into account the ever-changing market economy. It is becoming much harder to remain the top brand in the market. Factors that contribute to this are as follows:

Brand Activation

Foreign Markets

Globalization has opened up the marketplace. Better technology, intense competition, and a well informed customer have influenced the entry of foreign brands. A Full Post…

They traveled by ship for two months, only to land in a place with muddy, unpaved streets and houses barely worthy to shelter livestock — hardly in keeping with the promises that were made when they shelled out their life’s savings.

That is how it went for 60 Scottish settlers who arrived in Sarasota in December 1885, lured by the Florida Mortgage & Investment Co.

After months of fighting mosquitoes and eking out a living in the sandy soil, Sarasota’s first group of snowbirds mostly gave up and went back to Scotland.

But Sarasota had arrived — however inauspiciously — as a real estate destination.

More than a century of development, dreams, euphoric profits and depressing losses followed.

City’s centennial

Sarasota’s real estate saga was the topic of a discussion, “On the Street Where You Live,” presented Tuesday night by the Historical Society of Sarasota County.

Moderator and magazine columnist Bob Plunket led the panel, which included Dr.

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As a business owner, it is vital for you to have liability insurance in place throughout the construction process. Additionally, you should consult with your insurance agent to determine which other policies will help protect you from issues such as theft. Keep in mind that your employees and members of the construction crew could potentially sue you if something goes wrong. Therefore, getting insurance will give you peace of mind and help ensure that your business will not go bankrupt if an incident occurs.

2. Ensure all Companies are Insured

The construction company that you work with should also have insurance in place to protect their employees, including workers compensation. If the company fails to obtain the necessary insurance, it is possible that your business could be named in a lawsuit.

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The idea of branding is often synonymous with big business, but a 2013 survey revealed that small business owners are seeing the benefits of being widely identifiable.  Conducted by American Express, the research discovered that small businesses are seriously considering the impact of their brand. Almost three-quarters of small business owners admitted to constantly monitoring the perception of their brand. More than half are using digital platforms, such as their own websites, to help bolster their images.

In Canada alone, according to the American Express Small Business Monitor, 93 percent of small businesses have developed a unique brand to set them apart from other organization in their respective market. Th

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When it comes to fancy dinner parties, the details are often what makes an evening memorable. For Mike Del Ponte, this insight helped launch his startup Soma, a water-filter and carafe product line.

Inviting friends to his home in San Francisco, Del Ponte thought he had covered his bases for his soiree from the delicious food to his impeccable music selection and perfect wine glasses. Yet when a friend asked for water, he realized he left one stone unturned. Not wanting to bring out his beat-up plastic Brita with its floating black specks, Del Ponte made a move to pour the filtered water into a stylish wine decanter. Instead of going into his makeshift pitcher, the water ended up all over the floor.

At that moment, his future co-founder Ido Leffler walked in.

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Company Car Insurance Policies

One of the most overlooked types of insurance policy is the company car policy. Business owners, in an effort to reduce costs, often have the lowest policy permissible on their company vehicles, and this places them at the highest risk.

If injured, your employee may be able to sue your car insurance provider as well as workers compensation. Depending on the state in which you live, there may also be liability issues on your part as the business owner if you did not have the proper insurance coverage in place on the company vehicle or if the employee was not covered under the policy.

Rules should also be put into place on the company level on who is allowed as a passenger in a company vehicle.

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While attending industry conferences is a great way to meet potential investors and business partners, it is imperative that you spend your time at those conferences wisely.

Today on the North American Bancard blog, we offer the Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs at Conferences courtesy of Citizen Tekk. So what advice do they have to offer? That you do your homework, use social media wisely and stand out by being slightly unconventional.

To read the full list of tips, click here.